Toyota Corolla Back Camera - Model 2014-2021
Toyota Corolla Back Camera - Model 2014-2021

Toyota Corolla Back Camera - Model 2014-2021 - Car Parking Camera | Security Camera | Back Guide Line Parking Backup Camera

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Detailed Description:

The back camera system in Toyota Corolla models spanning from 2014 to 2021 integrates advanced technology to enhance parking, security, and overall driving convenience. This comprehensive system offers a range of features designed to elevate the driver's experience and improve safety.

High-Resolution Camera

Equipped with a high-resolution camera lens positioned discreetly at the rear of the vehicle, the Toyota Corolla's back camera provides clear, detailed imagery. This camera captures a wide-angle view, ensuring optimal visibility of the surroundings, especially in tight parking spaces or congested areas.

Parking Assistance

One of the standout features of this system is its aid during parking maneuvers. The back camera is seamlessly integrated with back guide lines that dynamically adjust as the steering wheel turns. These guidelines assist the driver in gauging distances, allowing for precise parking and minimizing the risk of collisions or damage.

Enhanced Safety

The back camera significantly contributes to enhancing safety on the road. It acts as an extra set of eyes, reducing blind spots and helping drivers detect obstacles or pedestrians that might not be visible through mirrors alone. This added visibility promotes safer reversing and parking, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Security Camera Functionality

Beyond parking assistance, the back camera also doubles as a security feature. When the vehicle is parked, the camera system can be activated to monitor the car's surroundings. This surveillance capability adds an extra layer of security, providing peace of mind to the owner.

Integration with Infotainment System

The back camera seamlessly integrates with the Toyota Corolla's infotainment display, providing real-time visuals. The display automatically switches to the camera feed when the vehicle is in reverse, ensuring drivers have immediate access to the camera view for enhanced safety and convenience.

Weather-Resistant and Durable

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the back camera system is built to last. Its durability ensures reliable performance even in adverse weather, maintaining its functionality and clarity regardless of rain, snow, or extreme temperatures.


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If youre driving a Toyota Corolla model from 2014 to 2021, then youre in luck because you can easily install a back camera on your vehicle to enhance your driving experience. A back camera can help you avoid collisions, back up safely, and even make parallel parking a breeze. In this article, well discuss the benefits of installing a back camera on your Toyota Corolla and how to choose the right one for your needs. Benefits of a Back Camera for Toyota Corolla Model 2014-2021 Improved Safety: With a back camera, you can avoid collisions and back up safely. The camera gives you a clear view of whats behind you, making it easier to spot obstacles and other vehicles. Easy Parking: Parking in tight spaces is a breeze with a back camera. You can see exactly where youre going, making parallel parking and reversing into a spot much easier. Convenience: A back camera saves you time and hassle. You no longer need to strain your neck and look over your shoulder when reversing. You can also save time by avoiding collisions and not having to repair your vehicle. Choosing the Right Back Camera for Your Toyota Corolla Model 2014-2021