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Established in 2008, SehgalMotors.pk has been at the forefront of the automotive industry, offering a wide range of top-notch car accessories, modification parts, decoration items, gadgets, mobile accessories, facelift conversions, and body kits. Our passion for cars and dedication to providing exceptional products and services have made us the pioneer in the automotive e-commerce platform in Pakistan. 

With an impressive portfolio of over 100 local and international brands, we take pride in being the go-to destination for automotive enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has led us to sell more than 2 million units per annum, with over 25,000 SKUs available to choose from. 

Our headquarters in Lahore serve as the epicenter of our operations, where we handle nationwide shipping to over 150 cities in Pakistan through our efficient e-commerce system. In Lahore, we offer Express Shipping for quick commerce within the city and provide a physical retail showroom experience to thousands of customers daily. 

SehgalMotors.pk has gained immense trust and loyalty from millions of followers and customers on social media platforms. Our reputation as the most trusted car accessories and modification store in Pakistan is well-earned, and every second modified car in the country is a testament to our excellence. 

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and embrace the latest trends and innovations in the automotive world. As a result, we have successfully expanded our presence with 10+ retail stores across Pakistan and a rapidly growing online store, catering to the diverse needs of car enthusiasts everywhere. 

At SehgalMotors.pk, we believe in making your automotive dreams come true. Whether you seek to enhance the aesthetics, performance, or functionality of your car, we have the perfect solution for you. Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to assist you in finding the ideal car accessories and modifications that best suit your needs. 

For any inquiries or further information, feel free to reach out to us at Info@Sehgalmotors.Pk. Join our ever-growing community of passionate car lovers and experience the unparalleled world of automotive accessories with SehgalMotors.pk. 

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Timeline of Milestones Achieved: 

Early Beginnings (2010-2012):
  • 2010: Founded with the Montgomery Road Store, laying the cornerstone for exceptional customer service and expertise.
  • 2011: Pioneered online presence with Pakistan's first car accessories page on Facebook, fostering digital engagement.
  • 2012: Embraced e-commerce with the launch of SehgalMotors.PK, creating a convenient and accessible platform for car enthusiasts.
Innovation and Growth (2014-2016):
  • 2014: Sparked innovation with the launch of Maximus®, Pakistan's first premium auto accessories brand, delivering superior quality and performance.
  • 2015: Achieved social media dominance, surpassing 100,000 followers and solidifying online brand presence.
  • 2016: Expanded retail footprint with the Davis Road Store, catering specifically to the off-road community.
Record-Breaking Achievements (2018-2019):
  • 2018: Revolutionized the industry with the record-breaking Blessed Friday Sale, exceeding 25,000 orders in a single day.
  • 2019: Celebrated national spirit with the Azadi Extravaganza, achieving over 35,000 orders in a day.
  • 2019: Transformed the SUV landscape by becoming the leading importer of car modification accessories, leading to over 2800 SUV conversions by 2021.
Digital Leadership and Expansion (2019-2021):
  • 2019: Launched Pakistan's first car accessories shopping app on Google Play and App Store, enhancing mobile accessibility.
  • 2020: Continued brick-and-mortar expansion with the opening of Faisal Town Store and Johar Town Store, reaching new customer segments.
  • 2021: Earned YouTube royalty status with 100,000 subscribers, and received global recognition as Best Car Accessories Platform by Startup Pakistan.
  • 2021: Unveiled the largest car accessories fulfilment center, ensuring efficient nationwide delivery.
  • 2021: Elevated car care with the launch of the Studio in Faisal Town & DHA Store.
  • 2021: Gained international acclaim with a TripAdvisor ranking of #18 among the Best Attractions for Shopping in Pakistan.
Ongoing Momentum (2022-2023):
  • 2022: Furthered geographical reach with the Allama Iqbal Town Store, offering a premium auto experience.
  • 2023: Opened the Thokar Niaz Baig Store, providing a new gateway to auto bliss and automotive excellence.
  • 2023: Launched the Paint Protection Film Studio at DHA Walton, offering cutting-edge car protection services.
Family Friendly Environment and Ambiance:
With the help of technology , SehgalMotors.PK totally transformed the conventional retail system of Car accessories into a new Improved version the way people deserve today. Previously people used to visit car accessories markets where they had to tolerate the traffic, spiv activities, price discrimination, lack of variety and unfriendly user experience.
SehgalMotors.PK promises all items under one roof with state of the art outlets where customers can easily shop similar to shopping malls. The environment and ambience is created at such a level that customers also shop with their families. Girls usually never went to car accessories markets despite needing them badly previously as it was considered a taboo. But now they visit and shop according to their needs in a peaceful and user friendly environment.
New Shoppers Concept:
At SehgalMotors.PK , they have Two types of shopping carts where the customer can easily choose between two colored carts. If they want any assistance they will carry a RED cart. An assistant will come and will be assisting them with shopping. If the customer wants to shop alone on their own  and doesn't need any assistance, they will carry a BLUE cart. This makes shopping so exciting for customers.
Online Docking Station:
Furthermore, they have a docking station where customers can use laptops to search for items on SehgalMotors.PK website where they can watch demonstration videos and photos among millions of products through which they will get the clear picture of how it would work or look on their car. Plus all prices are transparent and fixed for everyone with prevents a customers from price discrimination thus making customer trust on the brand stronger. Furthermore, Customers can Charge their Phone on Docking Stations using Maximus Fast Charging Cables.
LIVE Tryouts Experience:
SehgalMotors.PK has Live user experience stations where customers can check and use the product before buying. For example if a customer wants to buy an Android LCD for their car, they can use it to get LIVE experience before purchasing. Similarly they have different types of Horns to test while pressing a push button so they get Live experience of the sound they were looking for.
Categorisation of Car Accessories:
All items are categorised in a manner that anyone can visit and buy accordingly without any hassle. The aisles are created in a categorized pattern where a user can easily search for items without any assistance. If they want to purchase Car gadgets they can easily move around to that category.

SehgalMotors.PK Android and IOS App:
SehgalMotors.PK has an android and ios App too where if a customer installs the App, they can get a free gift from the counter. The app is so user friendly that you can easily scan features to get all information and prices on your phone by simply scanning the barcode of the product.
Billing System:
Unlike conventional billing systems where shopkeepers use manual billing systems that can be forged or tampered, at SehgalMotors.PK you will get a POS billing invoice which cannot be changed. So this creates a sense of security among customers that they won't be overcharged . There is no Price discrimination. Everyone is treated Equally.  
Credit/Debit Cards Accepted:
Unlike other markets, people can purchase here using debit and credit cards with no extra charges. This makes customers easy to purchase even if they are low on cash. SehgalMotors.PK also offers FREE cash on delivery and credit card payment online which gives customers a comfort to peacefully shop online.
Professional Sales Team:
Unlike the conventional system, SehgalMotors.PK has a professional sales team and installation team that is skilled and highly trained. Qualified and Well spoken staff enable the customer to communicate better in a professional way.
Huge Variety:
SehgalMotors.PK offers lowest prices with Best Quality. A customer can choose between a range of products with different prices and qualities depending on what they require. 
No rush, no traffic, SehgalMotors.PK has a big parking space. No need to fear your car being knocked up in traffic.