Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank - Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger
Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank - Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger
Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank - Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger

Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank - Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger

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Detailed Description:

The Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank stands as a reliable savior on the road, embodying convenience and assurance for car owners. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this power bank isn't just a portable charger; it's a versatile solution for unexpected car battery issues.

Unparalleled Jump-Starting Capability:

 One of its standout features is its exceptional ability to jump-start a car up to 20 times on a single charge. Whether you're stranded in a parking lot or facing battery troubles during a road trip, this power bank swiftly revives your vehicle, eliminating the need for another vehicle's assistance.

Multi-Functional Power Bank:

Beyond jump-starting, the Maximus Power Bank serves as a robust mobile charger, accommodating various devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Its USB ports support fast charging, ensuring your gadgets stay powered up during emergencies or while traveling.

Compact and Portable Design:

 Designed with portability in mind, the compact and lightweight build of the Maximus Power Bank makes it easy to store in your glove compartment or carry in a backpack. Its sleek design doesn't compromise on power; it's a travel-friendly companion for any journey.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount, and the Maximus Power Bank prioritizes user protection. Equipped with built-in safeguards against overcharging, overcurrent, short-circuiting, and reverse polarity, it ensures a secure and worry-free experience during use.

User-Friendly Operation:

The user interface is intuitive, allowing hassle-free operations even for individuals with minimal technical knowledge. Clear indicators and simple instructions guide users through the jump-starting process, making it accessible for everyone.

Long-lasting and Rechargeable:

 The power bank's lithium battery boasts a long lifespan and is rechargeable via various methods, including a wall outlet or a car's cigarette lighter socket. Its quick recharge capability minimizes downtime, ensuring it's ready for the next emergency

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The jump starter are send without brand logo and packing and jump starter itself do not have any brand logo the product is manufactured by maximus brand but do not have any brand logo on the product the product needs to be used very carefully if used. Maximus Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank | Starts a Car 20 Times in One Charge | Mobile Charger |; It Comes With Different Logos Like Maximus Like High Power ETC Only includes jump starter and positive negative cable. No other accessories included.; Without Warranty And Logo product is best quality no warranty no exchange. Misuse of product may lead to faults in product like puting positive terminal to negative. Only customer will be responsible for such actions and reactions.; no laptop pins are included in box ; ; ; ; ; ;Many times you have to go to your offices, colleges or other places urgently, but when you try to start up your car the lights of the cluster go off or if the car makes a cranking sound and doesnt start. This indicates that your cars battery is dead. Sometimes you are going somewhere, you take a stop, park your car and go to a shop. You come back to try to start your car and it doesnt start. And you come to know that the cars battery is dead and you dont have any jump-starting cables, what will you do? That is why we have;Maximus Jump Starter Power Bank. ; ; ; ; What will you do? Your phones battery is about to die and you dont have any mobile car charger in your car and its late at night and youre alone, there is no car on the road. What will you do? You cant do anything, but we, at SehgalMotors.PK has a solution for you which is the Maximus Jump Starter Power Bank. This is a very useful device. It has a combination of Blue and Green. Its capacity is 13,200 mAh. You can also recharge your mobile phones using this device. It gives an output of 5V for USB Charging. The BIG Thing is that you can also start your car using this power bank. This power bank has a kit with it, which includes the cables that have to be connected with the positive and negative terminals of the cars battery and then try to start the car, it will start. You dont need any other car to jump-start your cars now. First asking people for help then arranging the jump-starting cable. Now, this has become easy and hassle-free for you. You can buy these from outlets