Haval Jolion Door Pillar Chrome Trim - Model 2021-2024
Haval Jolion Door Pillar Chrome Trim - Model 2021-2024

Haval Jolion Door Pillar Chrome Trim - Model 2021-2024

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Detailed Description:

The Haval Jolion Door Pillar Chrome Trim is a sleek and stylish accessory designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Crafted specifically for the 2021-2022 models, this chrome trim not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides practical benefits.


  1. Premium Chrome Finish: The trim features a high-quality chrome finish that adds a luxurious shine to your vehicle's exterior. The chrome plating ensures durability and resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  2. Custom Fit: Engineered to perfectly fit the door pillars of the Haval Jolion 2021-2022 model, this trim seamlessly integrates with the vehicle's design, enhancing its overall appearance.
  3. Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, the trim comes with pre-applied adhesive tape on the back, allowing you to securely attach it to the door pillars without the need for drilling or special tools. Simply clean the surface, peel off the backing, and firmly press the trim into place.
  4. Enhanced Protection: In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the chrome trim provides a layer of protection to the door pillars, shielding them from scratches, dings, and other minor damages that can occur during everyday use.
  5. Weather Resistance: Built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and UV exposure, the trim maintains its lustrous finish and does not fade or degrade over time, ensuring a timeless look for your vehicle.

How to Use

  1. Preparation: Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface of the door pillars where you intend to install the chrome trim. Use a mild detergent and water to remove any dirt, grease, or wax residue. Allow the surface to dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Positioning: Carefully align the chrome trim with the door pillar, ensuring proper placement and fitment. Take note of any curves or contours on the pillar to ensure a flush installation.
  3. Installation: Once aligned, peel off the backing from the adhesive tape on the back of the trim. Press the trim firmly onto the door pillar, starting from one end and gradually working your way to the other end. Apply even pressure to ensure proper adhesion.
  4. Finishing Touches: After securing the trim in place, gently run your fingers along the edges to ensure a tight seal. Double-check the alignment and make any necessary adjustments before pressing down firmly to set the adhesive.
  5. Final Inspection: Step back and admire the enhanced appearance of your Haval Jolion with the newly installed chrome trim. Take pride in knowing that your vehicle now boasts a touch of sophistication and style, thanks to this premium accessory.

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Haval Jolion Door Pillar Chrome Trim - Model 2021-2022