Haval H6 TXR Air Press Sun Visor With Chrome 6 Pcs - Model 2021-2024
Haval H6 TXR Air Press Sun Visor With Chrome 6 Pcs - Model 2021-2024

Haval H6 TXR Air Press Sun Visor With Chrome 6 Pcs - Model 2021-2024

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Detailed Description:

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Air Press Sun Visor ensures longevity and resilience against various weather conditions. The chrome accents not only add an aesthetic appeal but also resist corrosion, ensuring a lasting shine.


Enhanced Aerodynamics:

Designed with precision, these visors are aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind noise and drag when driving at high speeds. The improved aerodynamics contribute to fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience.

 Efficient Sun Protection:

The primary function of these visors is to shield your Haval H6 TXR's interior from the harsh sun rays. The tinted acrylic material not only reduces glare but also protects your vehicle's interior from UV damage, keeping it cooler on hot days.

 Chrome Accents:

The chrome detailing on each visor adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle's exterior. The seamless integration of chrome complements the Haval H6 TXR's design, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

 Easy Installation:

Installing the Air Press Sun Visor is a straightforward process that requires no special tools. The set includes all necessary hardware and step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free installation. DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the simplicity of the process.

How to Install:

Gather Materials:

Ensure you have the complete set of 6 visors, mounting clips, and screws provided in the package.

Clean the Surface:

Thoroughly clean the areas where the visors will be attached using a mild detergent and water. Allow it to dry completely.

Position the Visors:

Carefully position each visor on the exterior of the corresponding window, aligning it with the contours of the vehicle.

Secure with Clips:

Use the provided mounting clips to secure each visor in place. Ensure a snug fit by pressing firmly against the vehicle's surface.

Secure with Screws:

Once the visors are aligned and secured with clips, use the supplied screws to reinforce the installation. Tighten the screws evenly for a secure fit.

Test Functionality:

Roll up and down each window to ensure that the visors do not interfere with the normal operation of the windows.

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Haval H6 TXR Air Press Sun Visor With Chrome 6 Pcs - Model 2021-2022