Formula 1 Protectant Cherry Fragrance 295 ML
Formula 1 Protectant Cherry Fragrance 295 ML
Formula 1 Protectant Cherry Fragrance 295 ML

Formula 1 Protectant Cherry Fragrance 295 ML - Car Dashboard Shining Interior Cleaner

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Detailed Description:

Formula 1 Protectant with Cherry Fragrance is a revolutionary automotive care product designed to elevate your vehicle maintenance routine to new heights. This premium protectant is meticulously crafted to not only shield your vehicle's interior surfaces from harmful UV rays but also to leave behind a delightful and long-lasting cherry fragrance, transforming your driving experience into a sensory delight.


  1. Advanced Protection:

Formula 1 Protectant Cherry Fragrance is a cutting-edge solution designed to protect and enhance your vehicle's interior surfaces. It forms a durable barrier against UV rays, preventing fading, cracking, and discoloration of your dashboard, door panels, and other plastic or vinyl components.

  1. Cherry Fragrance:

 Experience a delightful burst of cherry fragrance every time you step into your vehicle. The Formula 1 Protectant not only cares for your car's interior but also leaves behind a refreshing and long-lasting cherry scent, making your driving experience more enjoyable.

  1. Restores Shine:

This protectant is specially formulated to restore the original shine of your car's interior surfaces. Whether your dashboard has lost its luster or your door panels look dull, the Formula 1 Protectant brings back the glossy finish, giving your vehicle a like-new appearance.

  1. Anti-Static Formula:

Say goodbye to annoying dust and particles clinging to your car's interior surfaces. The anti-static formula of Formula 1 Protectant repels dust, keeping your car cleaner for a longer period and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

  1. Easy Application:

The convenient spray bottle makes application a breeze. Simply spray the protectant onto a clean, dry cloth or directly onto the surface you want to treat. Spread evenly, allowing the formula to penetrate and provide comprehensive protection.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Ensure that the surface you're treating is clean and dry. Remove any dust or debris using a gentle cleaner if necessary.
  2. Application: Shake the Formula 1 Protectant bottle well. Spray directly onto the surface or onto a clean, dry cloth. For better control, start with a small amount and add more if needed.
  3. Spread Evenly: Use the cloth to spread the protectant evenly across the surface. Pay attention to intricate areas, ensuring complete coverage for maximum protection.
  4. Buff to Shine: Once applied, use a clean, dry cloth to buff the surface lightly. This enhances the shine and removes any excess product, leaving a smooth and glossy finish.
  5. Enjoy the Cherry Fragrance: Revel in the pleasing cherry fragrance that lingers in your car, creating a pleasant atmosphere for you and your passengers.

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