Battery Jump Start cables 1 Meter - Emergency Battery Booster Jump Starter
Battery Jump Start cables 1 Meter - Emergency Battery Booster Jump Starter

Battery Jump Start cables 1 Meter - Emergency Battery Booster Jump Starter

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Detailed Description:

Battery jump start cables are the unsung heroes in vehicular emergencies. A 1-meter battery jump start cable stands out as a compact yet powerful tool that can revive a dead battery in seconds. These cables are crafted with precision and durability to ensure reliability when it matters the most.

High-Quality Construction: The 1-meter jump start cables are engineered using high-grade materials such as copper, known for its excellent conductivity. The cables are insulated to resist wear, tear, and extreme temperatures, ensuring safety and reliability during usage.

Universal Compatibility: These cables are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and boats. The universal clamps securely attach to the battery terminals, providing a stable and strong connection for efficient power transfer.

Compact and Portable: Measuring just 1 meter, these cables offer portability without compromising on performance. Their compact size allows for easy storage in a vehicle's trunk or glove compartment, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected battery issues.

Emergency Lifesaver: When faced with a dead battery, these jump start cables are your go-to solution. Whether stranded on the road or in a parking lot, the quick and straightforward setup of these cables allows you to jump-start your vehicle without needing another car nearby.

Safety Features: These cables often come with built-in safety features, including surge protection and polarity indicators, preventing damage to the vehicle's electrical system due to incorrect connections.

Ease of Use: Even for those unfamiliar with vehicle mechanics, these cables are user-friendly. Color-coded clamps (usually red for positive and black for negative) and clear markings make it easy to identify and connect to the correct terminals.

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Battery Jump Start Cable 100% new and of high quality Quantity: 1 units (a cable–black + red wire) Clamps completely shielded Using a high–quality copper inside 200 Amp silver copper shark Durable molded wire rope Black cable length: 2 m Red cable length: 2 m Cables coded by color weight: approx. 550g Original: PP bag Easy and convenient to use Product Specification Item type: Cables, sockets and adapters Item size: 2m Benefits: Booster Cable with Clip Type of material: plastic mental Weight of the article: 0.594 kg Color: Black, Red ; ;