Suzuki PVC Silicone Protection Key Cover
Suzuki PVC Silicone Protection Key Cover

Suzuki PVC Silicone Protection Key Cover - Swift Ciaz Wagon R Alto Cultus

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Suzuki Swift PVC / Silicone Protection Key Cover Keycare is an optional benefit that can be added to any of our Car Insurance policies at the time of purchase or renewal for €20. This benefit covers the cost of replacing your lost or stolen car and home keys. When Keycare is included, you will receive a key fob to attach to your bundle of keys. Once attached, all keys on the fob are covered. Don’t forget the keys must be attached to the fob before the cover is in place. The key nob has a unique number printed on it so that if the keys are lost and found, we will be able to identify them as your own. In addition, we will give the best;Suzuki Swift PVC / Silicone Protection Key Cover. No details of the key owner will be provided to the finder of the keys. There is a dedicated 24-hour helpline to call in the event that your keys are lost, locked inside the home or car or stolen. The cover includes costs such as, Locksmith charges, New locks (if there is a security risk and if the property belongs to the fob-holder), Replacement keys (including immobiliser, infra-red handset/alarm) A maximum of 3 keys per lock can be claimed for Reprogramming of immobilizers, infra-red handsets, and alarms attached to the fob. If you need to contact Keycare to make a claim you can call them on 01 518 1412. Don’t forget you must call Keycare first as they will need to approve any claims. The above is summary only, for full details of cover, limits, and exclusions please refer to your policy pack which was issued to you when you purchased or renewed your policy.; SehgalMotors.PKs;current policy booklet can be found. This particular product is for Suzuki Swift.