Maximus Intense Series Gel Perfume - Black Meth
Maximus Intense Series Gel Perfume - Black Meth

Maximus Intense Series Gel Perfume - Black Meth

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Detailed Description:

Maximus Intense Series Gel Perfume introduces an iconic fragrance, Black Meth, that encapsulates sophistication and allure. Crafted meticulously, this perfume defines a new echelon of luxury and sensuality, captivating wearers with its distinctive scent and innovative gel formulation.

Fragrance Profile: Top Notes: The initial burst is a harmonious blend of citrusy bergamot and refreshing mint, awakening the senses with an invigorating burst. Heart Notes: A floral symphony emerges with hints of lavender and jasmine, adding depth and a touch of elegance to the fragrance. Base Notes: The fragrance settles into its alluring base of woody patchouli, warm amber, and a hint of musk, leaving a lasting impression that is both intense and seductive.


The perfume comes encased in an elegant, sleek bottle designed for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. The gel formulation is housed in a container that allows for easy application while preserving the potency of the fragrance. The deep, black color of the bottle hints at the intensity and allure of the scent within, making it a statement piece for any collection.

Innovative Gel Formula:

Unlike traditional liquid perfumes, Maximus Intense Series Gel Perfume redefines fragrance application with its unique gel formula. The gel consistency ensures controlled and precise application, allowing users to apply the desired amount without wastage. This innovative approach also enhances longevity, as the gel adheres better to the skin, releasing the fragrance gradually throughout the day.

Longevity and Projection:

The Black Meth fragrance boasts remarkable longevity, staying power, and sillage. Its intense formulation ensures that the scent lingers for hours, evolving beautifully with the body's chemistry. Whether for daytime elegance or evening allure, this perfume strikes the perfect balance between projection and subtlety.

Versatility and Appeal:

This fragrance transcends occasions and genders, making it a versatile choice for individuals seeking a signature scent that embodies confidence and sophistication. Its magnetic appeal makes it suitable for both formal events and casual outings, leaving a memorable impression wherever it's worn.

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Maximus gel perfumes have a wide range of different fragrances that will give Aroma in your car for a longer time. They are made in China can be placed in a cupholder or in the door. in Summers, the evaporation process is faster, so the fragrance will evaporate more giving you a fragrant environment. In winters, evaporation process is slow, so it might feel like Less fragrant. There is no return for the gel perfume if opened. 
Please visit Retail branches to test before you buy, if you have any special preference or requirements. These are not very strong perfumes. These are soft gels, long, lasting 60 days lasting of Perfume. Sometimes the gel can melt during hot summer temperature rising up to 50° in Car. This has to be placed properly in a position that the fragrance and Aroma evaporates easily in front of AC vents.