Honda BRV Flexible Side Sunshade - Model 2017-2021

Honda BRV Flexible Side Sunshade - Model 2017-2021 - Sun Shade | Parda

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Honda BRV Side Sun Shades - Model 2017-2018 On a hot, sunny day your car absorbs so much heat that your able to fry an egg on it! It’s not only unpleasant but also causes various kinds of discomforts, from sizzling hot car doors and handles to breathing vexation.;The solution? Well you might ask, is this very product. “Honda BRV Side Sun Shades”. It’s of a;type of material with a certain level of transparency so as not to cause any aggravated visual discomfort. After attaching your product to your cars side;screen, you can expect to return to a vehicle that hasnt been overheated.; This product is also known as (Shoji PVC Screen, Vent PVC Screen, Car Shade)