Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 Wash & Wax - 28oz
Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 Wash & Wax - 28oz

Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 Wash & Wax - 28oz

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Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 Wash Wax – 28oz

Detailed Description:

 Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 Wash & Wax is a premium automotive cleaning solution designed to deliver outstanding results with every use. This product combines the power of advanced cleaning technology and high-quality wax to provide a comprehensive cleaning and protective experience for your vehicle.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Formula: The Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 boasts an advanced formula that effectively lifts dirt, grime, and road contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. Its cutting-edge chemistry ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process, leaving your car with a pristine finish.
  2. Wash & Wax Combination: What sets this product apart is its dual-action capability. Not only does it clean your vehicle, but it also provides a waxing effect during the washing process. This two-in-one feature saves time and effort, ensuring your car is not only clean but also protected with a glossy wax finish.
  3. Streak-Free Shine: The Formula 1 Car Shampoo Concentrate 100 is formulated to deliver a streak-free shine, enhancing the visual appeal of your vehicle. The carefully selected ingredients prevent water spots and streaks, leaving your car looking professionally detailed after every wash.
  4. Safe for All Finishes: This shampoo is safe to use on all automotive finishes, including clear coats and metallic paints. Its pH-balanced formula ensures that it effectively cleans without causing any damage or stripping away protective layers on your vehicle's exterior.

Application Instructions:

  1. Dilution: Mix a small amount of the concentrate with water according to the recommended dilution ratio.
  2. Application: Apply the solution using a sponge or wash mitt, ensuring even coverage.
  3. Cleaning: Gently scrub the surface to lift dirt and grime.
  4. Rinsing: Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water to remove the shampoo.
  5. Drying: Use a microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle and reveal the waxed finish.

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