Car Solar LED Roof Shark Fin Antenna - Unpainted
Car Solar LED Roof Shark Fin Antenna - Unpainted

Car Solar LED Roof Shark Fin Antenna - Unpainted - New Solar Power Car Led Car Shark Fin Roof Antenna LED Car Styling Warning Flash Tail Light

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Detailed Description:

Revolutionize your car's aesthetics and safety with the all-new Solar LED Roof Shark Fin Antenna. This unpainted marvel combines cutting-edge solar technology with a sleek design to enhance both the style and functionality of your vehicle.


  1. Solar-Powered LED Lights: The primary feature of this Shark Fin Antenna is its integration of solar-powered LED lights. Harnessing the power of the sun, the antenna's built-in solar panels charge during the day, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly lighting solution for your car.
  2. Versatile Design: The unpainted design allows for customization to match your car's color scheme, providing a seamless and integrated appearance. This versatility ensures that the antenna complements any vehicle's aesthetics.
  3. LED Car Styling: The LED lights serve a dual purpose by not only enhancing your car's appearance but also providing a unique and stylish lighting element. The embedded LEDs are designed to catch attention without being overly distracting, contributing to a modern and sophisticated look.
  4. Warning Flash Tail Light: The Shark Fin Antenna is equipped with a warning flash tail light, adding an extra layer of safety to your driving experience. The flashing light serves as a visual alert to other drivers, especially in low visibility conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.

How to Use:

  1. Installation: Begin by locating your car's existing antenna and remove it. The Shark Fin Antenna is designed to easily replace the traditional antenna with a hassle-free installation process. The package includes all necessary tools and instructions.
  2. Solar Panel Activation: Once installed, expose the solar panel to sunlight to activate and charge the LED lights. The more sunlight it receives, the longer and brighter the lights will shine. This feature ensures a consistent and reliable performance.
  3. Stylish Lighting Modes: Explore the different lighting modes and customize them according to your preference. The Shark Fin Antenna typically comes with various flash patterns, allowing you to switch between modes for different occasions.

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Car Solar LED Roof Shark Fin Antenna - Unpainted