APL 023 Number Plate Punjab - Each (Applied For Registration) SehgalMotors.pk
APL 023 Number Plate Punjab - Each (Applied For Registration) SehgalMotors.pk

APL 023 Number Plate Punjab - Each (Applied For Registration)

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APL 023 Number Plate Punjab - Each (Applied For Registration)

Detailed Description:

The APL 023 Number Plate is a distinctive registration plate issued in the state of Punjab, India, for vehicles that are in the process of registration. Each plate is marked with the unique alphanumeric code 'APL 023,' indicating the region and a sequential number. This particular plate falls under the category of "Applied For Registration," serving as a temporary identifier until the permanent registration process is completed.


  1. Alphanumeric Code: The APL 023 Number Plate prominently displays the alphanumeric code 'APL 023,' where 'APL' represents the state code for Punjab. This code ensures easy identification of the region to which the vehicle is registered.
  2. Sequential Number: Alongside the state code, a sequential number is assigned to each APL 023 plate. This number aids in the systematic tracking of vehicles and assists authorities during the registration process.
  3. Distinctive Design: The number plate features a distinctive design with bold characters, ensuring visibility from a distance. The font, color, and layout comply with regulatory standards to maintain uniformity and clarity.
  4. "Applied For Registration" Tagline: A notable feature of the APL 023 plate is the inclusion of the "Applied For Registration" tagline. This indicates that the vehicle is in the process of being officially registered, allowing for temporary use until the permanent registration is finalized.

How to Use:

  1. Temporary Identification: The APL 023 Number Plate serves as a temporary identification for vehicles during the registration process. Owners are required to display this plate prominently on both the front and rear of their vehicles.
  2. Legal Compliance: Users must ensure that they comply with the regional regulations regarding the display of temporary plates. Proper mounting and visibility are essential to avoid legal complications.
  3. Transition to Permanent Registration: Once the vehicle's permanent registration is completed, owners will receive a new set of plates. The APL 023 plates should be replaced with the permanent ones within the stipulated timeframe provided by the authorities.
  4. Renewal and Replacement: In case of loss, damage, or expiration, vehicle owners are required to renew or replace the APL 023 plates by following the designated procedures set by the regional transport office.

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