PU Leather Car Sun Visor / Sunshade Tissue Holder Case Box - Black SehgalMotors.pk

PU Leather Car Sun Visor / Sunshade Tissue Holder Case Box - Black

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Car Sun Visor PU Leather Tissue Box - Black Tissues are necessary to keep cleaning in cars and in your everyday life as well. Tissues are a very light paper uses for cleaning purpose. In today’s life, it is an essential and compulsory thing to keep in houses or in cars as well. Now there are very unique and beautiful designed tissue boxes are available in the market that makes your place beautiful by placing your tissues into those boxes. When the tissue boxes have introduced they were very simple and ordinary. Now latest and uniquely designed tissue boxes have been introduced by having company logos on them. ;;;;;;;;;;; SehgalMotors.pk providing you Car Sun Visor PU Leather Tissue Box – Black colour. It’s an attractive featured tissue box made of stylish leather body, very light in weight as a plus. Tissue boxes for cars are good to have because there becomes a specific place for tissues to keep in your car. This Suzuki logo car tissue box is made of environment-friendly material and it is made of smart design that looks decent and sober as well. These car tissue box holders are easy to keep anywhere in the car. Car Tissues are very helpful actually in providing a hygienic atmosphere in our society as they can be used to clean anything anywhere if you have them. They are made of environment-friendly material that keeps the environment clean and hygienic as well. They can absorb water, oil and dust from anything you put on these to. They are now introduced in different colours like pink, blue, white and in the square; round and rectangular shape also providing best absorbing facility efficiently. Tissues material cleans everything instantly can absorb or other liquids too immediately. Also known as: Car tissue box holder Square tissue box for cars Car tissue holder Car tissue Paper Box Tissue Box for Cars Logo Car Tissue Box ;