Aim Motor Flush - 443 ML
Aim Motor Flush - 443 ML

Aim Motor Flush - 443 ML

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Aim Motor Flush - 443 ML

Detailed Description:

Aim Motor Flush stands as a potent solution designed to optimize engine performance and extend the lifespan of internal combustion engines. This cutting-edge formula is engineered to address the challenges posed by accumulated deposits, sludge, and contaminants within the engine, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Cleansing Technology: Aim Motor Flush boasts an advanced cleansing technology that penetrates deep into the engine components, dissolving and dislodging deposits that accumulate over time. This technology promotes better fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear on vital engine parts.
  2. Compatibility with Various Engine Types: This motor flush is compatible with a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines, making it a versatile solution for both automotive and industrial applications. It is suitable for use in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motorized equipment.
  3. Residue-Free Formula: The residue-free formula of Aim Motor Flush ensures that the cleaning process leaves no harmful by-products within the engine. This feature is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of critical engine components and preventing post-flush issues.
  4. Enhanced Lubrication: Aim Motor Flush is enriched with lubricating agents that provide an additional layer of protection to the engine components. This not only aids in the cleaning process but also contributes to smoother engine operation and reduced friction.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Begin by ensuring that the engine is at operating temperature. Aim Motor Flush is most effective when the engine is warm, as it helps to liquefy deposits for easier removal.
  2. Addition to Engine Oil: Pour the recommended amount of Aim Motor Flush into the engine oil. This is typically done prior to an oil change. Consult the product label or vehicle manual for precise dosage instructions based on engine size.
  3. Idle Engine: With the motor flush added, let the engine idle for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows the formula to circulate through the engine and break down deposits effectively.
  4. Oil Change: After the idle period, proceed with the regular oil change process. Aim Motor Flush, along with the dissolved contaminants, will be drained along with the old oil, leaving the engine internals clean and rejuvenated.

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