Honda Logo Rubber Side Fender Air Vent Trim Glossy Black
Honda Logo Rubber Side Fender Air Vent Trim Glossy Black

Honda Logo Rubber Side Fender Air Vent Trim Glossy Black

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Detailed Description:

Upgrade the aesthetics and functionality of your Honda Logo with the Rubber Side Fender Air Vent Trim in Glossy Black. This aftermarket accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's exterior, providing a sleek and modern appearance while also serving a practical purpose.


  1. Premium Quality Construction: Crafted from high-quality rubber, the trim ensures durability and longevity. The material is resistant to weather elements, ensuring that it retains its glossy black finish even in harsh environmental conditions.
  2. Sleek Glossy Black Finish: The glossy black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your Honda Logo, enhancing its overall appearance. The trim is designed to complement the vehicle's original design, creating a seamless integration that looks like a factory-installed feature.
  3. Easy Installation: Installing the Rubber Side Fender Air Vent Trim is a hassle-free process. No special tools or professional assistance is required. The trim comes with pre-applied adhesive on the back, allowing for a simple peel-and-stick application. Clear and concise installation instructions are included for a smooth setup.
  4. Custom Fit for Honda Logo: Engineered specifically for the Honda Logo model, this trim is not a generic accessory. It fits precisely into the designated areas of the side fenders, ensuring a snug and secure fit that enhances the vehicle's lines.
  5. Improved Aerodynamics: Beyond its aesthetic benefits, the trim also contributes to improved aerodynamics. The strategically placed air vents facilitate smoother airflow around the vehicle, potentially enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing wind resistance.

How to Use:

  1. Clean the Surface: Before installation, ensure that the side fenders are clean and free of dirt or wax. Use a mild cleaning solution to wipe the surface thoroughly, allowing for optimal adhesion.
  2. Peel and Stick: Peel off the protective backing from the adhesive side of the trim. Carefully align it with the designated area on the side fender and press firmly to ensure proper adhesion. Take your time to ensure a precise fit.
  3. Secure Fit: Once applied, press along the entire length of the trim to secure it in place. Apply even pressure to guarantee a strong bond between the trim and the vehicle's surface.

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Honda Logo Rubber Side Fender Air Vent Trim Glossy Black