D4R HID Japanese Tubes 2PCS - For Head Lights | Headlamps | Bulb | Light SehgalMotors.pk
D4R HID Japanese Tubes 2PCS - For Head Lights | Headlamps | Bulb | Light SehgalMotors.pk

D4R HID Japanese Tubes 2PCS - For Head Lights | Headlamps | Bulb | Light

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D4R HID Japanese Tubes 2PCS. HID;headlights (High-Intensity Discharge);have become quite the craze in recent years. One might think HID headlights are a relatively new technology, but they have been around for quite some time. The first HID headlights were used on the BMW 7-series in 1991. At that time, the technology was still very expensive; as the cost has gone down, HID headlights have been showing up on more vehicles, even some entry-level models. HID technology offers several key benefits over traditional halogen headlights. Improved Visibility HID headlights produce a brighter, more natural light than halogen headlights. The light produced by halogen headlights is slightly yellow, which can be distracting. Studies have shown that driver’s using HID headlights have more visibility, which can increase reaction time in an emergency situation Longer Lasting HID headlights last up to three times as long as halogen bulbs. This means less maintenance for vehicle owners and less waste produced. Lower Energy Usage HID headlights consume much less energy than halogen bulbs, around 25 to 30 percent less. Since the energy used for headlights is provided by your car’s electrical system and battery, HID headlights can possibly extend the life of your car’s charging system. More Attractive Many drivers upgrade to HID headlights as a fashion statement. The look is much cleaner and more sophisticated than yellowed halogen bulbs. Because HID headlights are often associated with luxury cars, installing them in your vehicle can be an aesthetic upgrade. Whatever your reason is for upgrading your future car to HID headlights, it’s sure to be a good one. Because of their benefits over halogen headlights, HID headlights are considered the future of automotive lighting by many experts.