Bullsone Firstclass Highly Concentrated Power Washing Shampoo SehgalMotors.pk
Bullsone Firstclass Highly Concentrated Power Washing Shampoo SehgalMotors.pk

Bullsone Firstclass Highly Concentrated Power Washing Shampoo

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Detailed Description:

Bullsone Firstclass Highly Concentrated Power Washing Shampoo is a premium automotive cleaning solution designed to redefine your car washing experience. Formulated with precision and innovation, this concentrated shampoo stands out as a top-tier choice for car enthusiasts and meticulous vehicle owners.

Exceptional Cleaning Power:

Harnessing the power of advanced cleaning agents, Bullsone Firstclass penetrates and lifts dirt, grime, and road residue effortlessly. Its highly concentrated formula ensures that even a small amount creates a rich lather, delivering a thorough and effective cleaning process. This shampoo is designed to tackle the toughest stains, leaving your vehicle spotless and rejuvenated.

Gentle on Surfaces:

Despite its potent cleaning capabilities, Bullsone Firstclass is gentle on your vehicle's surfaces. The pH-balanced formula safeguards your car's paint, ensuring a streak-free finish. This makes it suitable for all types of paintwork, including clear coats, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting shine without causing any damage.

Advanced Formulation:

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, Bullsone Firstclass stands out for its water-saving properties. The advanced formulation ensures that the shampoo rinses off easily, minimizing water consumption during the cleaning process. This not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also makes it an efficient choice for car owners who value water conservation.

Long-lasting Fragrance:

Experience a delightful olfactory journey with Bullsone Firstclass. The shampoo leaves behind a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, transforming the car-washing routine into a sensory delight. The lingering scent adds an extra layer of satisfaction, making the Bullsone Firstclass experience truly premium.

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Bullsone Firstclass Highly Concentrated Power Washing Shampoo ; FIRSTCLASS HIGHLY CONCENTRATED POWER WASHING SHAMPOO For In-bay automatic, Conveyor or Self-service car washes Highly concentrated Shampoo with ultimate washing performance. Excellent and durable bubble car shampoo. Remove pollutants with rich bubbles. Recover its original color. Eco-friendly materials : Prevent water pollution. Easily dilute with water. Easy to store everywhere : Compact-size. Can be use with hand wash / pressure;gun. Cleans vehicle exteriors highly smoothly and effectively. Helps in;smooth brush movement, protects scratches against harsh car wash tunnel operation. Formulated with the environmentally-friendly components. Diluting Ratio is Product 0.5L : Water 20.0 L