Black Long Stick S Logo Gear Knob - Multi
Black Long Stick S Logo Gear Knob - Multi

Black Long Stick S Logo Gear Knob - Multi

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Black Long Stick Sparco Gear Knob Some people like to maintain the interiors of their cars just the way the manufacturers have designed it, while there are many others who believe in adding an element of personal touch to the interiors of their cars. Some change the seat covers or hang Feng Shui Evil Eyes on the day/night mirrors, while some others go to the extent of changing the gear knobs of their cars. The last one might sound like an extreme level of updation to many people. After all why would the automobile giants not pay enough attention to the color and style of gear knobs in their cars? The truth isn’t that they install ugly-looking gear knobs in their cars, but the fact that people may have different tastes, and disliking one or two minute design aspects doesn’t make the car less desirable for them. They know that most of these features such as the color of the steering wheel, seats, and gear knobs can be changed, in case they want to give their cars the funky update or the classic look that they like. There are a variety of car accessories available in the market for all tastes and for all models of cars. You can buy the traditional and classic leatherite or high-gloss chrome-finished gear knobs for your hatchback or sedan, or a sporty, contemporary one for your SUV. Online portals stock all varieties of gear knobs from different brands, so it becomes all the more easy for you to have a look at all available styles on one platform. Some brands also manufacture sturdy and classy items that are made from aluminium and hardwood and are covered with a thick layer of lacquer in colors such as silver, red, or blue. All items are accompanied with a detailed catalogue of specifications that tell whether the accessory is compatible with a standard 5-speed gearbox or with a special kind of gearbox. Before you shun the idea of changing the gear knob in your car because you think it is going to be too expensive and complicated, then hold on. It is one of the simplest updates that you can give to your car and it will hardly take a few minutes of your time. Shop online from for an easy and economical way of modifying your car’s interiors.