Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner - 500 ML

Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner - 500 ML

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Detailed Description:

Revolutionize your wheel cleaning routine with Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner, the ultimate solution for maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle's wheels. This advanced formula is designed to effortlessly remove brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants, leaving your wheels gleaming and protected.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Cleaning Action: The Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner boasts a potent cleaning formula that penetrates and dissolves stubborn brake dust and dirt. Its powerful action ensures a thorough clean, revealing the true shine of your wheels.
  2. Advanced Shield Technology: This wheel cleaner is not just about cleaning – it also provides a protective shield. The advanced Shield Technology creates a barrier on the wheel surface, helping to repel brake dust and contaminants, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer.
  3. Safe for All Wheel Finishes: Suitable for use on a variety of wheel finishes, including alloy, chrome, painted, and clear-coated wheels, this wheel cleaner is versatile and gentle. It ensures that your wheels not only look great but are also cared for without causing any damage.
  4. Easy Spray and Rinse Application: The user-friendly spray application simplifies the cleaning process. Simply spray the Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner onto the wheels, allowing it to dwell and penetrate for a few minutes. Then, rinse off the dirt and contaminants, leaving behind spotless wheels.
  5. Enhanced Brake Dust Dissolving Formula: Specially formulated to target and dissolve brake dust, a common issue for wheels, this cleaner goes beyond surface cleaning. It tackles brake dust at its source, ensuring a deep and comprehensive clean.

How to Use Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner:

  1. Preparation: Begin by ensuring that your wheels are cool to the touch. Avoid applying the cleaner in direct sunlight or on hot wheels.
  2. Application: Spray the Armor All Shield Wheel Cleaner evenly onto the wheel surface, covering the entire area. Allow the formula to dwell for 3-5 minutes to maximize its cleaning and protective capabilities.
  3. Agitation (if necessary): For heavily soiled wheels, use a soft-bristle brush to agitate the cleaner and enhance its cleaning action.
  4. Rinsing: Rinse the wheels thoroughly with a strong stream of water, ensuring that all traces of the cleaner and loosened contaminants are washed away.
  5. Drying: Optionally, dry the wheels with a clean microfiber towel for a polished finish.

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