MOMO Deep Dish Steering Black



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MOMO® Deep Dish Steering.

Steering deep dish for all cars
best quality
good grip

Installing a steering wheel cover is a great way to protect your steering wheel from damage, and they also carry the added benefit of keeping your hands a little warmer when the steering wheel is cold. There are many different types of covers out there, some more functional than others, and this guide will help you in choosing then right one for you. Here are some things that you should consider when looking for a steering wheel cover:

  • If your car does not have a heated steering wheel, a heated steering wheel cover might be a good choice if you live in colder climates. You can simply plug these covers into a 12V outlet while your car warms up. By the time you’re ready to drive, your wheel is nice and warm!
  • Aesthetics are also a consideration when choosing a steering wheel cover. Owners of luxury cars might prefer a more expensive genuine leather steering wheel cover, while other drivers will be content with mesh, wood grip. vinyl, or rubber covers.
  • Some drivers may just want to buy a wheel cover because it looks cool or because it goes with the whole aura that they aim to create in their car. A steering wheel featuring Tweety Bird, dinosaurs, colorful textures or tribal designs might be just the right touch you neede to compliment your car’s interior.

Whatever your choice, you can be safe knowing that wheel covers aren’t permanent. You can take them on and off whenever you like, own more than one, and even swap them in and out to suit your mood or those of your passengers!