Honda City 2008-2016 Led Door Sill Plates


Honda City 2010 Led Door Sill Plates

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Honda City 2008-2016 Led Door Sill Plates

Door Sill Plates is also known as door sill guards. Protects scuff marks from entering or exiting car. Sill plates are essentially placed in cars to protect the door frames from wear and tear. These car accessories are located at the place where the door meets the frame. This way, your car door and frame remain protected against damage caused by suddenly slamming the doors of your car, or corrosion from water and dirt. Car sill plates may have a giant purpose to fulfill, but these can also make for great decorative accessories!

You can choose to go the minimal way and opt for simple , conventional style car sill plates. However, for those of you that wish to give your car the royal treatment, you can always choose from colorful and illuminated sill plates. With lighted sill plates, every time you open your car door, these will light up. This way, your car looks decked up and you can walk in and out of your car, feeling like a big-shot. These car accessories are generally made of materials like steel and aluminium which are very tough but likely to incur damage if left unattended for a considerable amount of time.