Hks Original Rpm Guage


Hks Original Rpm Guage

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Hks Original Rpm Guage.

HKS Direct Bright (DB) Meters are Electro-Luminescent version of the popular 60mm mechanical unit and is available for boost, pressure and temperature monitoring. DB meters are offered in either a white face with black text, or a black face with white text. The EL lighting technology emits a soft-blue illumination that provides excellent visibility during night time driving. DB meters incorporate a direct sensor input design for simplicity, reliability and accuracy.

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Condition: New

Brand: HKS

The proper name for a meter that reads RPM is a Tachometer. In a car, the RPM is the engine rotating speed. Since the transmission has multiple gears, the speed of the engine is not the same as the speed of the car. Different gears are needed because internal combustion engines have a RPM range where they produce the most torque or efficient, smooth cruise for best acceleration and overall performance and economy.

For many people, who grew up driving automatic transmission cars, the tachometer is pretty useless. Especially like me, whose first car was a GM car with a “Powerglide” automatic 2-speed  transmission that had 2 forward gears and shifted to high gear at precisely 35 mph no matter what.  At least I noticed.

Its most useful for those who drive manual transmission cars, helping you decide the shift point, although  you could also claim that those could be driven by sound alone, the sound of the engine speed being the aural clue.

However for modern automatic transmissions involving 6 or 7 or more forward gears and sport or economy modes where the gear rations are programmable, the cars computer calculates the best shift points depending upon whether it senses you are driving grandmotherly  or aggressively.

Still, its useful information to know how your engine is performing. Both of my current automobiles have  either paddle shifters or semi-manual positions in the stick where you can shift through the 6 or 7 forward “gears” manually (no clutch). The tachometer is useful for driving authoritatively or economically.