3M Adhesive Rubber Lip – Black

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2.5 Meter Deflector Protector Lip For Bumpers And Skirts

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3M® Adhesive Rubber Lip.

with 3M® Adhesive

flexible and durable high quality Latex with a 3 m Scotch tape of the back.
durable and bend. (will not crack or break).
• dimensions: length: 2.5 width: 65 mm
perfect for dressing up your car.
great product for installation on the front or rear bumper, side skirts, body kit, tail fins etc.
also very good to protect from scratches and dents
place the strips along the hull will certainly raise a brand new custom images for your car
easy to install. Direct stick with 3 m tape free dínhvà self locking with bolts

Product Specification

product weight: 2.12 kg
Type of material: rubber
item Length: 2.5 m
Item width: 6.5 cm
Product type: Styling Mouldings
Special Features: Car Lip Car Rubber Strip

Designed to re-shape the exterior of your vehicle, usually giving it a more “Sporty” look than the standard version, the addition of a body kit to any vehicle adds a touch of individuality and style from the normal, out of the factory car. A body kit will usually consist of a front and rear spoiler, side skirts and dependent on the model often a roof spoiler for hatch models. Normally supplied finished in primer, the parts of the body kit can be painted to match your vehicles existing body colour. All of the items that go together to comprise the body kit are usually available as individual items. So if you are not looking for a full body makeover, just a simple re-style, then maybe just adding part of the kit may offer an alternative.

All of the items of the body kit are designed for self installation, and are supplied with full fitting instructions. You should only buy genuine manufacturer accessories, that you can be sure will be an exact match to your vehicle. Providing an excellent fit and ultimately completing the transformation of the vehicle.

Not only will the addition of a complete body kit to your vehicle give it that full makeover and extra sporty look it will also provide some better performance at speed. As the items that go to make up the body kit are all derived from the race track, you will feel an improvement in the handling of the vehicle at motorway speeds. The front and rear spoilers are designed to force air under the car. As the air is forced under the car it has to travel faster. By travelling faster it reduces the pressure under the car. The pressure above the car remains constant in relation to the pressure under the car. As the pressure above is greater than that below the car it pushes the car down, or causes down force, sticking the car to the road. The side skirts that also come as part of the kit ensure that the air cannot escape from under the side of the car, so the air is channelled to the back, again increasing the down force.

So not only will adding a full body kit to your vehicle give it an extra sporty look. It will also produce genuine performance enhancements.