Exterior Accessories

  • ZKTECO I Face Advance Machine - 702

    ZKTECO I Face Advance Machine – 702

    IFace 702 Uses The Latest Hardware Platform ZEM600 And Fingerprint & Face Recognition Algorithm ZK Finger 10.0, So Its Capacity Is Large And Recognition Speed Is Fast. Integrating High-Resolution Infrared Night Vision And Color Dual Camera Function, IFace 702 Has A Wide Field Of Application And Won’t Be Influenced By The External Light, Enables User Identifications In Bright Light Or In The Dark Environment. IFace 702 Has A Standard 4.3 Inches Touch TFT, And It Has Only 6 State Function Keys, Other Operations Will Be Completed On The TFT Screen. Besides, IFace 702 Has The Standard TCP/IP Communication, Which Can Support Internet Work.


    Key Features

    • High Resolution, Infra-Red And Coloured Camera Functions.
    • Coloured Touch Screen, Easy Use And Fashionable GUI.
    • Infra-Red Optical System Enables User-Identification In Poorly Lit Environment.
    • Standard Functions For Access Control.
    • The Standard TCP/IP Communication, Support Inter-Network.
    • Fingerprint Recognition Combines With Face Recognition.
    • 400 Face Capacity
    • 2000 Fingerprint Capacity.
  • ZKTECO Attendance Machine - TX628

    ZKTECO Attendance Machine – TX628

    TX628 Is An Innovative Biometric Fingerprint Reader For Time & Attendance Applications, Offering Unparalleled Performance Using An Advanced Algorithm For Reliability, Precision And Excellent Matching Speed. The TX628 Features The Fastest Commercial-Based Fingerprint Matching Algorithm And ZK High-Performance, High-Image Quality Optical Fingerprint Sensor. The 3 Inch TFT Can Display More Information Vividly, Including Fingerprint Image Quality And Verification Result Etc. TCP/IP Communication Is Standard And Make Sure The Data Transmission Between Terminal And PC Can Be Easily Done Within Several Seconds.


    Key Features

    • Color TFT Screen With GUI Interface For Ease Of Use
    • ZK Optical Sensor
    • Built In Bell Scheduling
    • Real-Time 1-Touch Data Export 3rd Party Hosted & Non-Hosted Applications
    • Audio-Visual Indications For Acceptance And Rejection Of Valid/Invalid Fingers
    • SDK Available For OEM Customers And Software Developers
  • Digital Persona Finger Print Reader - URU 4500

    Digital Persona Finger Print Reader – URU 4500

    TheU 4500 Reader Is A USB Fingerprint Reader Featuring An Elegant, Sleek Design With A Soft, Cool Blue Glow And, Of Course, The Unsurpassed Performance Crossmatch Is Known For. Made For Power-Users And Shared Environments, The U 4500 Is The Natural Choice For Those Who Want And Need The Very Best.


    Key Features:

    • Optical Fingerprint Scanning Technology For Superior Image Quality And Product Reliability
    • Small Form Factor
    • Special Undercoating
    • Rotation Invariant
  • ZKTECO Live Usb Finger Print Reader - 20R

    ZKTECO Live Usb Finger Print Reader – 20R

    Is The Latest Instrument Is More Compact A Fingerprint Device, Surface Of The Hard Steel Material, Appearance Is Extremely Elegant, The Output Images Up To 500dpi, Is A Superior Performance Compared To The Fingerprint Input Device, You Can A Wide Range Of Applications In Social Security, Public Security, Attendance, Fingerprint Encryption, Embedded, And Many Other Applications.


    Key Features:

    • Small Size.
    • Excellent Image Quality.
    • Encrypted Image Data.
    • Refused To Subtle Fingerprints.
    • Refused To Fake The Image.
    • Support The Fingerprint Rotation.
    • Rough Fingerprint Processing.
    • Support Dry, Wet, Or Rough Fingerprint.
    • Driver Support 10,Support Free SDK For Secondary Development, Support For Language: CB, VB, VC, Delphi, PB8, VB demo, VFP
  • ZKTECO USB Fingerprint Reader - K9000

    ZKTECO USB Fingerprint Reader – K9000

    Is A Stable And Excellent Fingerprint Reader. The Device Can Capture Fingerprint Image And Upload To The PC By USB Interface. It Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8(32/64bit). We Provide Developer With SDK. The Developer Can Integrate The Hardware Into Their Own System.This Product Is Widely Used In Social Insurance, Public Security, Time Attendance, Fingerprint Encryption, Embedded System And Other Fields Of Application.


    Key Features

    • ZKteco Quality Fingerprint Sensor
    • 512 Dpi Optical Sensor.
    • Scan Capture Area:14.6mm*18.1mm.
    • Reader Size:65*36*15.56mm.
  • Finger Print Scanner - ZK 4800

    Finger Print Scanner – ZK 4800

    • Dual Purpose Device
    • High Performance Optical Sensor
    • Easy Installation
    • Readily Accessible For Any Finger
    • High Speed USB Interface
    • Industrial Class ABS Plastic
    • Driver CD Included
    • LED Indications
  • FRONT PARKING FENDER MIRRORFront Parking Fender Mirror

    Front Parking Fender Mirror

  • Nippon Replacement Antenna - NP28

    Nippon Replacement Antenna – NP28

  • Fin Antenna Mercedes Style

    Mercedes Style Fin Antenna

  • Maximus Premium Silicon Wiper Blades

    Maximus Premium Silicone Wiper Blades – Each

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    Maximus Premium Silicon Wiper BladesMaximus Premium Silicone Wiper Blades – Pair

    Maximus Premium Silicone Wiper Blades – Pair

    • 6 months silicone warranty.

    • Price is Rs. 800/- each.

    • Wiper blade size will be sent according to your car after a call confirmation.

  • Bosch Extreme Vision H4 Tubes Plus 50

    Bosch Extreme Vision H4 Tubes Plus 50 – Pair