Scratch & Restore

  • Formula 1 Complete Polishing Compound

    Formula 1 Complete Polishing Compound

    Restores Color and Shine to Dull, Worn Finishes

    • Restores weathered and damaged paint finishes to their original beauty.
    • Easily handles the toughest paint problems like scratches, bird droppings, water spots and oxidation.
    • Advanced polishing compounds remove surface paint damage without scratching.
    • Gives paint a deep, beautiful shine.
    • Hand or machine application. Safe for use with orbital buffers or high speed polishing machines.
    • Clear coat safe.
    Package Size: 16 oz
  • Formula 1 Scratch Out Paste

    Formula 1 Scratch Out Paste 227g

    Formula Scratch Out Paste

  • Formula 7 Scratch Out Liquid

    Formula 1 Scratch Out Liquid

    Correction for Light Duty Paint Issues

    • Unique micropolishers remove fine scratches, swirls and haze from all auto paint finishes.
    • Removes minor paint marks and water spotting quickly and easily.
    • Restores paint color, making paint finishes look like new.
    • Won’t scratch clear coat paint like conventional rubbing compounds.
    • Exclusive non-abrasive liquid formulation is convenient and easy to use.
    Package Size: 7 oz