Bosch Batteries

Bosch Batteries – The Ultimate Powerful Journey

In 1922, Bosch made its mark in battery production. From manufacturing batteries for passenger vehicles to off-highway applications, Bosch continuously revolutionises its line of products for the automotive industry across the globe.

Batteries: Optimal starting power for all vehicles

The number of components requiring electric power has grown steadily in recent years. Batteries must therefore meet ever higher requirements. Starter batteries from Bosch are long-lasting, reliable in every weather and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

The battery selection is determined by the type of vehicle, equipment, driveability and climate. The Bosch-Battery lines S3 – S4 – S5 are a customized battery programme for the individual requirements of every car. A battery that always meets the high quality demands of international original equipment regarding electrical values for cold starts and capacity.

Advantages of the Bosch-Batteries S3 – S4 – S5

  • Power Frame technology: higher starting power, longer service life
  • 100% maintenance-free. Thanks to minimal water consumption the battery requires no servicing throughout it’s life.
  • Maximum safety
  • twin backfire protection guards the battery from sparks
  • during shipment, transport, handling or tilting. Sealed battery cover design means no acid can leak.
  • Easy transport and installation by means of ergonomic handles.

Bosch AGM Battery

  • Think Ahead! – Advanced battery technology
  • Perfect fit – Reliable upgrade to any flooded lead acid battery
  • Excellent value – Product life lasts up to two times longer
  • Reliable – Extremely heat and cold tolerant
  • Robust – Ideal for vehicles equipped with lots of electronics
  • Worry free – Slower discharge in storage
  • Durable – outstanding vibration resistance
  • Safer – No free-flowing electrolyte or spill hazard
  • Powerful – A high performance alternative
  • Resilient – Excellent ability to tolerate deep cycling