Honda Civic 2016 VS Toyota Corolla 2016. Who will win?

Honda Civic 2016 VS Toyota Corolla 2016. Who will win?

The ride of 2016…is out?
Author: Mavra Ahmad

Have you decided on what is going to be your ride for this year? You might want to reconsider your choice because you want to make an investment that is worthwhile. A purchase of the better looking out of the two best sedans in the country i.e. Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic might either make or break your deal. In order to avoid the latter, a little study might help!


While Toyota Corolla has already been launched ever since 2014 and 2016 is the most popular model amongst its predecessors of the current generation in 2014 and 2015, 2016 Civic is yet to be launched by the end of this year and will hopefully be the most impeccable Honda in a decade or more.


Corolla is a front engine front wheel drive available in 4 modifications i.e XLi, GLi, Altis and Altis Grande.


As you sit inside, with its driver-enthused cockpit and a smart key system, it sets you apart on the roads as you drive. The stylish interior and technology could be easily witnessed through a fluid dashboard with smooth lines in order to grab your attention towards the instrument section and console. The ride becomes unsurprisingly comfortable and secure because of the SofTex seats perfect for long trips with front knee airbags (not available in Civic 16). With the new Corolla SE, the sports button located on the center console adds a sportier feel to your drive. A higher fuel economy means up to an EPA-estimated 42 highway mpg and 30 city mpg. A standard Bluetooth connectivity and voice recognition feature enable multi-tasking while on the go. With a 132 horsepower, 1.8 liter inline-4, Corolla LE Eco trim seems to be a worthy pick in terms of its particularly modified engine and gas mileage. Exceptional traits such as a starting MSRP of $17, 300 with a standard transmission of 4 speed automatic (6 speed manual standard transmission in Civic 2016), a rear leg room of 41.4 inches (compared to the 37.4 inches of Honda Civic 16) and a 6.1 inch touch infotainment screen make the Corolla 16 a reliable and more economical choice which is available in three trims including L, LE and LE Plus.


On the other hand, all set to launch later this December, the Honda Civic 2016 is going to be the new chic in town! Designed in America, it would prove to be a major overhaul compared to the previous designs because of its turbo engine technology with a 150 hp. With a fast and comparatively less slanted roofline, different rear bumper, splayed wheels and C-shaped taillights, Civic 16 is bound to grab extra attention in a showroom. It has a standard engine with fuel economy close to 20 kilometers per liter, 1.8-liter petrol engine with 142 horsepower, inline-4, with two features including either a 6-speed manual transmission (on LX models only) or a CVT similar to the previous models. Besides, the sophisticated electric steering and hydraulic mount suspension allow an acquiescent and composed ride. A short nose and wheelbase is best for greater control.


Going inside, an exquisite and comfortable interior with new seat fabric and headrests edging is no surprise. The speedometer is a standard digital unlike the Corolla 16’s analogue speedometer. Doors have chrome handles and the dashboard is finished in metallic black. Bigger boot and more rear seat space with a 6 footer room allows for a sizable interior. Front seats are height adjustable and low like the dashboard giving the car an outstanding forward-facing visibility. These features combine flawlessly with technology offering an audio system that has the digital radio (DAB), Bluetooth connectivity, navigation Internet and an on request, satellite navigation. The 2016 Civic also bids more storage space with 15.1 cubic foot trunk against Corolla with 13 cubic feet of trunk space. A radar proficiency embedded in the system is used to avoid rear-end collisions by decelerating robotically.

While it is not easy to envisage that which car would eventually drive the market crazy, it seems that both would prove to be headstrong competitors like always in terms of their style, handling and safety. It is yet to be seen that which sedan would be taking more people to places this year.


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Comments (2)

  • hassan soharwardy Reply

    it seems to b a good car but price is too much high
    need of time is small car
    honda should make small cars bcz any one can buy easily as well as parking problem and is a major issue

    18/06/2016 at 11:58 PM
  • Salman Reply

    Civic in pakistan oops did it again as 1.8 Ltr mated with old technology prosmatec which in my view will be easily killed by 1.6 version which is 2.0mn as against 2.3mn. The loaded one will be killed 1.8 Corolla with cvt transmission as 2.46mn as against 2.529 civic. The cvt transmission civic is way too expensive with turbo engine so Corolla will continue to sell anyways.

    19/06/2016 at 3:56 PM

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